Insight Analytics – Data Analysis

Transforming data into insights and ROI – every month

We offer this service to guarantee that you get the full return on your Insight Analytics investment, and receive best practice recommendations that are customized to your business. 

CTGlobal’s experts walk through the data which Insight Analytics pulls from your infrastructure, and help you identify risk and potential. 

Why do you need it?
Our experts train you in how to interpret your infrastructure data. With guidance from us, you will be able to utilize the insights to maximum effect. 

In our experience, this process is helpful to our customers, because:

  • With our 20 years of client management experience, we know where to look at and what to look out for. This makes establishing best practice trend and data analysis for your organization much easier, than if you had to go through trial-and-error on your own.

  • The best and most relevant training we can give you is when we use your own real-time data and statistics, rather than just generic examples.

  • Truly understanding the multilayered value of the functions and insights displayed in the dashboard and reports requires some practice and guidance, in order to get maximum output. 

  • Once you have worked the numbers with us, you can feel confident that the recommendations you share with the business are based on in-depth analysis, comprehensive assessments and best practice. 

What is Data Analysis?

Your hardware costs are increasing dramatically. You don’t know why.  

In your Insight Analytics dashboard, you can see the Lenovo ThinkPad P52s keep crashing. 

What do you do? Do you block a specific app? Replace drivers? Replace all devices of that version?

What is Data Analysis?

Hacker attacks against your infrastructure has doubled in the past six months. Why?

In your Insight Analytics dashboard you can see 20% of the PCs in your organization are unpatched and pose a serious security and compliance risk.

Check Insight Analytics to identify the most critical systems to patch and prioritize remediation.

What is Data Analysis?

You are getting complaints about slow start-up times from everywhere in the company.

A quick check in your Insight Analytics dashboard shows you that start-up times on the majority of your devices are much slower than the vendor promised in the contract.

Check Insight Analytics to get your facts straight, before you renegotiate with the vendor.

How do we deliver Data Analysis?

We regularly walk through your data with you, to identify possible threats, potential improvements to your infrastructure, and find solutions to your specific issues.

This enables you and your colleagues to make the decisions best suited to your business needs – whether it’s money, speed or security you need to prioritize.

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How does it work? Insight Analytics is a visualization of the state of your infrastructure.

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