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Version history:

– Endpoint Manager Connector, combining SCCM and Intune and enabling cloud.

– History widget released
– Task Sequence Deployments improved
– Package Deployment widget improved

– Synchronization engine has been redesigned to handle multiple connectors running concurrently, to support connectors planned for future versions
– IA Sync is now targeted .NET Core 3.1
– IA Sync will now log to a file rather than the Windows Event Log. Log in placed in c:\windows\temp (or %TEMP%\IALogs in service account context).
– We have added a new Installer for IA Sync for easier installation.
– The IA Sync can update itself when a new version is released.

– The View load has been optimized
– We have added a Setting page to manage IA Sync and the connectors assigned to your IA Sync.

Update 1904.2 fixes a number of known issues, including:

  • A data synchronization issue, which affected sync speeds and data flows for some customers
  • Calculation issues in specific situations for
    – Application Deployment
    – Task Sequence
    – Configuration Baseline
  • Improved support for computers running non-English windows.
    – BSOD Check
    – Startup Apps
    – BSOD
  • Added (missing) Windows 7 support
    – BSOD Check

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