Advise your organization based on knowledge and analysis, not instinct and guesswork

With Insight Analytics™ you can start using data as a strategic asset – because you can finally access your data and trust and what you find. 

This gives you the power to choose and prioritize the appropriate response to all issues.

With Insight Analytics, we show you your data in a new, completely different light – no longer disconnected individual data points, but processed and analyzed knowledge, that gives you the insight to perform precise, realistic and meaningful risk assessment.

You will know what to do, and be able to predict the outcome of your actions.

Here’s how Insight Analytics™ transforms your data into gold:

Data: Dumb bricks

Imagine a big box of Lego with thousands of bricks but no manual, and not even the box with a picture on it, to tell you whether you are building a bulldozer or a space rocket. 

That’s you today: You already have all the individual data points in your infrastructure. But they are completely disorganized, almost impossible to access, and you have no idea what you can do with it.

Information: Organized data

Information is when you start systematically organizing your Lego into colors, shapes and categories – you group your data into information on e.g. patch state for a specific program, successful deployment of a new version, or system boot time in Finance. 

Knowledge: Analyzed data

Analyzed data is knowledge that allows you to connect the information into a coherent plan of what to do, to achieve a specific result: You can see that you can build a house from the Lego bricks, if you stack the bricks in a specific order.

Insight: Proactive data – fix things before they become an issue

Insight is when you grasp something well enough to understand how to change it, repurpose it and use it to build something entirely new and potentially much more effective. You can see, that with the bricks available, the house could in fact also be a space rocket: Stronger, faster more powerful — a completely different construction altogether.

In an IT organization ‘insight’ could mean that you do not have to wait for users to call the service desk one by one with an issue, and wait until enough users have had a bad experience before you start chasing the root cause of the problem.

You don’t have to wait for systems to fail because you spot the problems before they arise, and you can fix them way ahead of first impact.

Based on your newfound insight – the full utilization and true power of your data – you can predict the impact of migrations and upgrades and updates, and plan the most efficient approach to roll-outs and remediation.

Anticipate and avoid crashes and security breaches throughout your organization

Free up huge amounts of man hours and budget.

Spend those resources on some of the projects on your wish list, while maintaining a more secure, more efficient infrastructure.

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How does it work? Insight Analytics is a visualization of the state of your infrastructure.

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