Insight Analytics™

Risk management for the IT organization

Insight Analytics™ analyzes the data from your infrastructure, and delivers a full overview of threats and potentials across your IT organization in a easy-to-read and fully customizable dashboard.

The Insight Analytics dashboard gives you a clear view of the issues already affecting your infrastructure. And it gives you the power to predict threats, weaknesses and problems that may impact your business in the long run.

With a full overview, you are able to make informed, intelligent decisions about what to fix, and what to prioritize. Your decisions will be based on facts about your specific environments – not on generic best practice recommendations, or triggered by media hype about the latest cyber threat. You will know what to do, and be able to predict the outcome of your actions. You will be able to make recommendations to your organization based on knowledge and analysis, rather than instinct and guesswork.

What is Insight Analytics™?

Insight Analytics™ is a window – a customizable dashboard – into the state of your IT infrastructure.

Insight Analytics™ is an add-on to your existing client management system – Microsoft SCCM and Intune Graph. This means you already have all the data you need, to fix things.

Insight Analytics™ is essentially a plug-and-play data generating, data gathering, data analyzing tool and a visualization platform. All data processing takes place on servers and locations you trust and control.

Know what to prioritize

Insight Analytics™ analyses and visualizes the data, and makes it actionable. At a glance, you can now view, structure, analyze, report and act on the state of your environment.

With Insight Analytics™ you get a full summary of the compliance, performance and security issues impacting your business, enabling you to decide what tasks to prioritize.

Client Health:

Provides you with insights into topics like device performance. Everything in this area essentially has the potential to become a user experience issue.​


Patching, deployment, insecure configurations and compliance are all critical to have a full overview of, if you want to keep your infrastructure secure, and protected from cyber-crime and regulatory violations.

​Operational Excellence:

Tells you how well you are performing when it comes to managing devices and ensuring compliance. To many, this area is key to understanding how and where IT Operations can become more efficient. ​

User Experience:

Details about what concerns users in the organization. We know this is an important area as user experience is becoming a growing concern for most organizations​.

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