Understand the threats, weaknesses and issues that impact your business

Identify causes and anticipate crashes, breaches and disruption.

To confidently act on data, it is paramount that you can trust and understand the data you receive. It is only when you trust the data, and the data is processed, analyzed and accessible, that you are able to make the right decisions, and base your actions and recommendations on them.

Fortunately, IT issues do not occur randomly and you do not have to act on instinct. With Insight Analytics™, you can start to identify risk patterns and patterns in your ability to reduce and remediate risk.

Here are some of the most common IT issues that can be identified and mitigated, if your IT teams have Insight Analytics. For example:

Find causes of hardware crashes

Missing driver updates are very often the cause of crashes.

Insight Analytics™ analyzes and displays the data, and shows you the probability and extent of the impact on your infrastructure:

You can see how a missing driver update affects the various hardware models.

With that insight you are able to predict how many devices will be affected by a given driver update.

You can then asses the consequences to the business if you choose to roll out the update. You also get an estimate of the cost of specific issues – e.g. Blue Screen of Death.

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Identify unpatched PCs in your organization

Unpatched PCs are an open door into your organization for hackers, and make up 20% in the average organization. Failure to patch can incur large fines if it means you are out of compliance.

Using Insight Analytics™ you have the data on how many PCs are unpatched.
You can identify whether the patch state is caused by failure to restart, protocol issues or configuration issues.
Also, whether the programs, devices, environments or departments that are the most critical to patch. And you can find out what the consequences are to the business, based on how, if and how quickly you act, to remediate the situation.

Are you vulnerable to hackers? Or will you be out of compliance? Or both.

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Control system performance lives up to contracts

System start-up time and other performance parameters is a standard requirement in your contracts with software and hardware vendors.

But tracking and documenting whether or not the equipment delivers as promised can be difficult.

With Insight Analytics™ you can drill down into the performance of specific models and versions and assess if they live up to the terms in the contract.

With this insight and documentation, you are well prepared for reviews and negotiations with vendors, and can request improvements or refunds, if products are not up to par.

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How does it work? Insight Analytics is a visualization of the state of your infrastructure.

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