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Making sure those updates are installed

Help your users keep your organization secure

You can deploy all the updates to your organization that you like, but since a very high percentage of your users never – or almost never – restart their devices, a high percentage of those updates are never properly installed.

This in itself is a huge problem for your organization, because failure to install updates represents security risks: Security patches that aren’t installed, don’t actually patch. And performance issues: Drivers and other critical programs that have a high impact on system performance, frequently requires a restart to be updated. As well as compliance risk: Device and network compliance with regulations can be adversely affected by failed updates.

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Three reasons

Offer your users a choice

CTGlobal restart tool_restart required

The Restart tool requests the user to restart their device, after a specified amount of hours. It offers users a choice on timing the shutdown within a deadline, enabling the user to plan it for a time that works for them.

The IT team can edit the notification text leading up to the shutdown, and explain to the user why the restart is necessary, to lessen frustration:

By explaining to users why a restart is required to protect their device – and through it, the company infrastructure – from e.g. being compromised by security threats, you will generate a lot more understanding of annoying IT requests, than if you just force a shutdown.

Help your users stay safe

Users, who do not restart, are a factor in all organizations – they live blissfully unaware of the consequences of not restarting the PCs in all organizations, and at all levels.

Whether it’s your CEO, your CFO, your legal team or your researchers that do not restart, the consequences can be dramatic: Securing computers and the data stored on them, is critical to the organization, because it can open the door for hackers seeking access to other areas of the business.

In addition, the performance issues that come with PCs that haven’t been restarted can cause major dissatisfaction among your users, and impact performance negatively.

Notify and prompt, rather than force

CTGlobal Update Frontend tool_restart now

CTGlobal’s Restart tool is used to notify and prompt users when a restart is required, and rather than forcing the shutdown, it enables the user to postpone the shutdown to a more convenient time.

Ensure updates are installed
The Restart tool comes bundled with Insight Analytics™, CTGlobal’s data analysis and visualization tool.

This means you can identify the individual or groups of devices that require restarts, and track whether the restarts have been successful, and the changes installed. With guidance from us, you will be able to utilize the insights to maximum effect.

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